Urma Rolls manufactures diamond rolls and electroplated CBN grinding wheels. Urma Rolls diamond rolls are used in the most varied sectors of mechanical industry, in particular the manufacturing of high precision components, such as: valves, bearings, CV joints, injectors, ball screws, racks, threading tools, turbine spindles, gears, etc…, and the aircraft industry to manufacture turbine blades, turbines, gears, etc….

Amongst the major customers, the most important components manufacturers, in the European and Extra-European districts alike, such as: SKF, Eaton, INA, SNR, NRB, GKN, Delphi, Honeywell Garrett, Dormer, Vergnano, Umbra Cuscinetti, Liebherr, Mahle, TRW, Graziano Trasmissioni, etc…, automotive manufacturers, such as Fiat, Ferrari, Iveco, GM, PSA, Renault, Ford, Audi, BMW, etc…, grinding machines manufacturers, such as Meccanica Nova, Ghiringhelli, Meccanodora, Favretto, Giustina, Danobat, Blohm, Magerle, Stüder, etc…, aircraft manufacturers, such as Avio, Snecma, Malichaud, General Electric, Siemens, Ansaldo, BTL, MTU, etc….

One of Urma Rolls‘ characteristics is its willingness to study and develop together with every individual customer the optimum solutions to achieve the product at the lowest cost with the best possible technology. The application of telematics technology to the transmission of documents, drawings, blueprints, allows any customer problems to be solved quickly worldwide. CBN electroplated grinding wheels are one of the application products successfully developed by Urma Rolls in the latest years. These tools are moving in various sectors of industry, mechanical and aircraft alike, gradually replacing the diamond roll – abrasive wheel unit. In particular, Urma Rolls has developed an independent software aimed at designing and manufacturing CBN electroplated wheels for gear grinding.