Technically Speaking

Searching for innovative solutions, often unconventional, in order to optimize processing and reduce the cost for produced part. A clear opportunity to increase competitiveness in the field of the most varied machining processes.

C.R.M. tools doesn’t mean Chip Removal Machining (tools) only: “C”oniugare (conjugating) tradition and innovation, “R”ealizzare (creating) tailor-made solutions and continually “M”igliorarsi (improving oneself): this could be  the real acronym because it is the modus operandi by which C.R.M by Mazzoccato Arturo & sons presents itself on the market. This year the company reaches its fourth lustrum but has an even longer experience in the field of mechanics. Experience gained by the founder and then shared with his family that today contributes to the growth of the company. We met Antonella Mazzoccato, daughter of the founder, at the headquarters in Fino Mornasco (CO), and we asked a few questions about the company and the innovation of products and services, considering that the market dynamics have deeply changed in recent years.


Output and cost reductions are our goal

Created to provide innovative solutions in mechanical processing for chip removal, C.R.M designs and produces mechanical clamped tools. A reality that offers its own advice and consolidated know-how working in co-design with the end user and the manufacturer of machine tools, in order to seek best and optimal operational solutions.

“Since our birth – points out Antonella Mazzoccato – the main goal has always been to seek solutions, often very unconventional ones, able to meet specific processing application needs, aiming at reducing the cost per produced part, maintaining quality, often improving it. Working in this way, soon our winning and recognized peculiarity on the market was precisely our ability to think and create truly innovative technological solutions and at the same time, developed on our customers’ precise requirements».

In other words offering dedicated solutions able to satisfy all technical specifications, most of all process time/cost savings. An approach that starts from the processing analysis of all requirements in terms of quality, desired tolerances etc., then moving towards higher added value, which is the most creative and technical part of the process.

«A special production-continues Mrs. Mazzoccato – never repetitive, entirely customized, which brought us over time to generate very specific geometries, able to bring together for example in a single step even a dozen operations, eliminating downtime with previously unthinkable process savings for our  interlocutor. In this regard I would like to underline the synergy between technological evolution, in terms of services provided by machine tools, and the ability to integrate “technical intelligence” by humans, who bring their practical contribution, creating” ad hoc”  tools. In this area our strength has always been to be able to count on our know-how and our deep experience in different areas, suiting its prerogatives in various areas and finding, from time to time, new location, for wider benefit and optimization».

A technological transfer that has great feedback in various areas that include, to name some, the food sector, medical, special processing on plastic fibers, electro technical and automotive industry; the latter has always been important and leading for the company from Como.


Not only tips, inserts and cutters

The range of products that the company is able to develop is wide and varied: boring bars, tools, cutters, cartridges, tips; special carbide profiled and coated inserts, polycrystalline CBN and mono- or polycristalline diamond; carbide wear-resistant parts; tools with diamond and polycrystalline CBN tips.

«Since the late ‘70s – explains Antonella Mazzoccato – we have been proposing the use of poly-crystalline diamond, a material that is able to offer high processing results, but that unfortunately even today few know at best. Direct operational benefits and advantages? Thanks to continuous evolution of the machines, the use of specially designed tools in Diamond or CBN reduces processing time, also increasing the finished product quality.

A production capable of generating a good turnover, thanks to the precious work not only by Arturo Mazzoccato, his daughter Antonella, and her brothers Marco and Paolo both mechanical engineers, but also by highly skilled and specialized workers. Tools, cutters and inserts dedicated mainly to the domestic market, with an export quota that today stands at around 3,57%.

«A percentage – specifies Mazzoccato – partly due to the positive feedback from interaction with the internet which makes us visible not only within Europe but also in extra-European countries, with direct contacts in Mexico, China, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa. On the other hand, the ability to rethink processes using, as already pointed out, innovative and unconventional solutions, helped preventing the relocation of some of our customers’ production sites and keeping them in Italy, thus safeguarding jobs ‘.


More quality in less time

But how have customer needs changed for C.R.M.? Even considering market dynamics that are much more complex than those of a few years ago?

«In brief – says Mrs. Mazzoccato – all changes converge uniquely in processing urgency, in achieving a reduced time-to-market, with numerically small lots in addition with requests for narrower and narrower tolerances and increasingly high quality. We receive requests with drawings of pieces to be run that indicate even the number of maximum dust grains that can be present at the end of processing, after washing. A prerogative of the “highest side” of the automotive sector, which surely could be found in the future also in other areas. A production with more and more quality, more and more customized and less devoted to masses».

Great flexibility and streamlined contract management are also strengths of the company from Como, allowing it to be very competitive even if of reduced dimensions. A kind of “nano-enterprise” that  however supports realities of a completely different magnitude, including multinationals, which have found a partner to rely on and trust, with the awareness of receiving a comprehensive and concrete answer.

«A practical response – concludes Antonella Mazzoccato – not resulting only from our know-how and experience, but also from the use of 3D design, engineering and simulation tools always in step, along with a technologically advanced machine fleet».

The company from Fino Mornasco is certified ISO 900, a recognition that does not refer to a product but to a work methodology, a modus operandi that has always been supported by innovative spirit of good design and quality product.


Special cutters for big-sized parts

To ensure maximum output and durability of three tangential milling cutters suitable for profile milling, with accurate processing of various overlaid inserts (contained in a few hundredth, virtually continuous) and quickly. These are the requests of a client who asked C.R.M. to design and manufacture special milling cutters in order to process a big-dimensioned detail (in FE510) intended for the railway sector, starting from the particular profile of the workpiece and the desired diameter of the milling cutters, knowing that the machine was equipped with an ISO50 cone with 70 kW power. After developing its geometry in co-design with the customer, the final design has given positive result: three types of processing were carried out for three different profiles, for a total of 6 milling cutters with 125 mm diameter, with customer-selected inserts and partly modified in accordance with the specific need. Achieved operational benefits have gone beyond expectations and have convinced the customer to repeat the order for two other similar series of milling cutters.


Special thread tools

Also electrical engineering is served by C.R.M., and it’s an area where the company has many customers. One of these recently asked how to improve the lifetime of the cutting edge of a threading tool to allow unattended processing. In more detail, the workpiece to be processed on a 5-axis machine was made in polymer with fiberglass, and the only input data the company had was the special thread size. After appropriate analysis C.R.M technicians have developed an “ad hoc” geometry with a 3D program, by simulating its behaviors and arriving at the final design that led to the creation of a tool with polycrystalline diamond coating: a tool that has allowed processing 20,000 pieces in one set-up, with total satisfaction by the customer.