Technically Speaking

REYS has always given prominence to research and development to its cutting fluids formulation, offering real added value to its customers.

Companies who are involved in chip removal  processes are every day in

contact with Metalworking Fluids (MWF): these ones have the task of reducing the temperature in the cutting area. Heat is reduced with a lubricant action, which decreases friction between tool and workpiece, and with a cooling action,  removing  heat generated during processing. The MWF – and its quality – may seem to be a simple commodity, of which,  if possible,  one avoids the purchase, or reduces  its price as much  as possible. Moreover,  looking at the figures, the percentage of direct costs attributable to the production of a MWF varies between 0.2 and 0.5. In absolute value,  this may seem to be an almost  negligible value,  but it is easy to note that the qualitative elements of the MWF, or its mismanagement, affect many aspects  of processing, primarily tool wear,  with a factor of 1 to 10. As a matter  of fact, the direct costs of the tools, the consumption of which  directly affects the MWF, ranges  from 3% to 6%. Poor MWF also affect the quality  of the workpieces, the machine tools wear, maintenance and waste  oils disposal. MWF should  therefore  be considered in all respects  as strategic  elements in the processing economy. Data show that this expendable item with so little significant  cost incidence affects up to 25-30% total cost of the entire production process.


A continuous innovative process

From this evidence, Reys, a company based  in Arcore (MB) and operating in the field of chemical  auxiliaries for production, has studied  and now offers a range of specific and innovative MWF in the processing of metallic materials. The real question is: given that the sheer purchasing cost for a coolant varies between 0.2-0.6 % of total production leaving expenses, what is the true weight of the emulsion on the economy  of mechanical processes in a company? The evaluation should  include  the increased wear of tools and machines, the resulting  downtime, the higher fees in tooling and spare parts, lower quality  of the product and the reduced repeatability of processing cycles, as well as environmental and safety issues.  At this point,  the purchase and management of the MWF ceases to be a commodity. It becomes  a matter that involves  the whole management of the plant,  with the need for a constant and careful control  of costs. To meet these needs,  REYS has focused on innovation of both product and process. This is how today the Arcore-based company can propose  mineral oil-free products, formed only by soluble  synthetic fluids, with proper  additives; from Series REYS IDRO BM, consisting  up to 80% of performance components able to guarantee stability and durability with simultaneous elimination of oil mists and bad smells.



Users do not have evidence  of the operational and competitive advantages that result from soluble fluids. Yet the evolution of the formula made by the REYS R&D laboratory should be considered a real revolution in the field of MWF. The paradigmatic jump offered by REYS goes towards the total solubility of metalworking fluids, while to- date products on the market  are water emulsifiable fluids. They require special substances (emulsifiers) capable  of binding  the mineral components of the formulations to water  supplied by the customers, in order to obtain  stable emulsions over time. Their stability is strongly influenced by water parameters. Typically, in the CNC machine tanks , there is a progressive increase  of salinity, with a consequent reduction of organic molecules solubility. The emulsifiers  (which are organic molecules), given certain  salt concentrations, become no more effective and hence  the breaking  of the emulsion. The ineffectiveness of the coolant brings to a forced tank exchange, with all the attendant costs in terms of product, labor hours, machine downtime and waste-water disposal. Speaking of soluble  products, such as REYS does for few years, means  to speak of the most efficient products, with longer intervals  for tank exchange, higher stability and lubricating properties.



Emulsions  are an ideal crop field for fungi and bacteria: the development of these organisms in the emulsion tank can generate  bad smells and masses  of organic substances that are harmful  to the proper  functioning of pumps  and filters. For this reason, REYS has focused  on solutions able to control  the proliferation of microorganisms, without adopting substances that could be harmful  for the operators health. REYS solution  to these demands consists  of substances that,  without deleting  all bacterial  colonies,  limit their proliferation, keeping  them below the levels which  might generate the above-described problems. Moreover, REYS formulations strictly avoid the use of substances, such as formaldehyde, harmful  to human health. As for working environments, the use of soluble  synthetic fluids in the IDRO-BM REYS range has allowed eliminating other problems such as the formation of fumes and oil mists, which  have a high impact  on the security  of work environments. At the same time it allowed eliminating the smell of mineral  oil, typical of companies of chip removal machining, to the great satisfaction of the operators working  with CNC and machine tools.


Besidethe product, the service

For optimal  performance, it is not enough  to study product formulation, in fact also a precise emulsion control is required: a service that REYS offers to all its customers. The method for emulsions managing, developed by REYS and applied since the 2000s, allows intervening and controlling  emulsions by changing the formula  in use, and fill up on the degraded components without imposing  any downtime. Furthermore, thanks  to REYS service, it is possible  to restore  and maintain optimal  state of the emulsion in use, ensuring performance parameters typical of fresh emulsion and maximizing their lifetime, far beyond  usual  operational standards.


Added value

REYS research for MWF has provided an added  value for its customers, as for their income:  maximizing the profit margin  of the coolant productive factor. This can be declined  in many ways, such as compliance with specific production techniques (all parts are within  tolerance), increase  in productivity and in lead- time reduction, thanks  to the increase of processing parameters. Also reduction of downtime thanks to the emulsions constant control; ability, typical of REYS, to optimize  the phases following chip removal  (in the operational steps of degreasing- washing-protection-surface treatment). This is what  they teach in REYS: controlling  and maximizing the contribution margin.  A whole new way to manage  and optimize  the Metalworking Fluids, which  implies the full satisfaction of several customers, including  some big players in the mechanical technology.