So you bought a upper fixer and you want to remodel it by yourself? You will probably need a new set of power tools and you wonder which ones. In the past 400 ft wooden ships have been built without any power tools so is a question of nice to have rather must have. As a matter of fact some tools are designed to do specific jobs that can be done with some more work with other rather general tools.

Generally speaking there are two major types of table saw the bigger ones self standing eg. cabinet table saws and smaller ones, bench top table saws. Cabinet table saws are ones of exclusive use in shop for contractors that need large amount of work done on table saw on other hand bench top table saws will fit on your bench and are used by contractors that need smaller amount of work to be done on a table saw, they are easier to handle for smaller jobs, perfect for DIY-ers and suitable for job sites.

Cordless Tools What To Look For? 

1. Battery Interchangeability

Most cordless tool manufacturers produce several lines of tools. For example  Makita XPH012 is a standard sized cordless drill operating on 18 volts on the other hand Makita FD02W is Cordless Driver Drill operating on 12 volts. It is obvious that this batteries are not interchangeable.