Cordless Tools What To Look For? 

1. Battery Interchangeability

Most cordless tool manufacturers produce several lines of tools. For example  Makita XPH012 is a standard sized cordless drill operating on 18 volts on the other hand Makita FD02W is Cordless Driver Drill operating on 12 volts. It is obvious that this batteries are not interchangeable.

This becomes important if you frequently use several different types of cordless tools, as it is very handy if you can take out the battery from cordless circular saw in order to power your cordless drill which has run out of power.


2. Tool weight

The best cordless drill is not the one that outperforms other available on the market but one that you like to use and here tool weight plays major role. For example Makita XPH012 18V LXT Weighs 4.0 lbs  on the other hand Makita FD02W weighs only 2.2 lbs.


3. Choose the manufacturer

Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita... all excellent tools manufacturers, of course there are a lot of discussion which one produces best tools. There are also cases when one manufacture makes best cordless drill and another is known for their excellent circular saw. However it may make sense to have all tools from the same manufacture. First of all you can resolve all maintenance issues with the same people at the same place, and second having all tools from same manufactures looks much more professional, at least on my opinion. And with cordless tools you have the benefit of battery interchangeability.


4. Batteries

Li-ion vs NiCd

In last few years Li-ion batteries have become standard in quality  cordless tools replacing NiCd batteries. If a cordless tool has something other rather than Li-ion battery you should probably turn away as it is an older model or low end tool.


Voltage often tells how much power does a tool have, more voltage means more power, however this is not always the case. Most manufactures have their tools in 18 or 20 volts and 12 volts for compact models.

Battery capacity 

Battery capacity is expressed in amp-hour and tells how long will tool last before recharging. more expensive models have bigger battery capacity, however you should pay attention that bigger battery capacity comes with bigger weight.


5. Price range

Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita... all excellent tools manufacturers produce their tools in several different price ranges, however what is the point in buying the best cordless drill money could get if your main mission is to drive screws into chipboard? When choosing a new cordless tool the decisive factors should be 1. how often and for how long will be tool used and 2. type of use and materials involved. It is somehow obvious that drilling into concrete or steel involves completely different challenges compared with chipboard or  plasterboard. That being said tool price range should be chosen upon targeted mission rather on individual perception what is acceptable cost. And finally we recommend to check cordless drill and tool sources online, to make best choice within your budget.