So you bought a upper fixer and you want to remodel it by yourself? You will probably need a new set of power tools and you wonder which ones. In the past 400 ft wooden ships have been built without any power tools so is a question of nice to have rather must have. As a matter of fact some tools are designed to do specific jobs that can be done with some more work with other rather general tools.

In this article we explain basics in such a way that you will be able to pick up a specific set for your need without waiting a money on something that will be used maybe once. Our opinion is also that is better to have few quality power tools rather than a big set of crappy ones.


1. Drill

Hammer drill, is used for drilling into concrete, bricks or stone. As a matter of fact you can drill into concrete, bricks or stone with a drill without hammer function but hammer function makes thinks way easier.


Drill/driver is a drill with a function that enables you to drive screws, its a must have power tool if you are renovating wooden house or making your own furniture.


Cordless drills have some obvious advantages and some serious disadvantages. Main problem are the batteries which tend to die after a few years. If you are going to buy corded quality drill it will last you a life time. unfortunately we cant say the same for cordless ones. However they are extremely handy especially for jobs like re roofing.

Milwaukee Tool 0299-20 

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2. Circular saw

Circular saw is considered to be a general purpose saw and a must have power tool, you can use it to cut 4 x 8 lumber, wooden flooring, plywood, plasterboard, timber for furniture, you name it.

Milwaukee Tool 6391-21


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3. Mitre saw

Miter saw offers a great way too quickly and accurately cut 4 x 8 lumber or any other beams at specific angle. If you are renovating and have few 4 x 8 to cut you can use circular saw, however if you are building wooden house from  scratch you should consider to invest into mitre saw as it offers considerable time savings.

Milwaukee Tool 6955-20


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4. Sander

Whatever you are doing around your house you need a sander. Either you are painting new surface or refinishing old one you can do without a sander. There are countless tasks for a sander, Stripping old paint, preparing material before painting, sanding edges of timber to ensure perfect fit.

Milwaukee Tool 6021-21

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5. Table saw

Table saw is used to accurately cut lumber or plywood is especially useful for furniture making. You can use circular saw for same task, however table saw offers additional speed and accuracy.



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